Why technology will be helpful for the in-home care services after Covid-19

There are many private companies and public healthcare  organizations that have already been investing in the development of new technologies to improve the  homecare for the older people. This means a change of perspective that has been imposed following demographic evolution worldwide, and the idea that our elderly could benefit from technology tools in order to improve their quality of life.

Now, after the health crisis that arose from Covid-19, the need to adopt technology tools for the benefit of our health and care systems have become more visible than ever.There are many healthcare organizations all over the world that are already looking for ways to continue providing assistance to the elderly, avoiding risks to their health and promoting their well-being above all.

The frAAgiLe system has been developing for the last few months. It is a technological solution based on frailty prevention, guaranteeing the safety, independence and well-being of the elderly.The frAAgiLe system is oriented for health care companies that provide home care support and aim for their users to be autonomous as much as possible, so that the organization is able to measure and improve the frailty of their users, even outside their facilities and in their own homes.

What frAAgiLe can offer?

By using the frAAgiLe system, healthcare professionals could be able to perform standardised tests regarding frailty, cognition, physical status, and other parameters remotely to evaluate their older patients. Depending on the results, healthcare professionals could choose from the frAAgiLe application which physical and cognitive exercises and games are more appropriate for their patients to enhance their physical and cognitive health and perform until their next assessment. The frAAgiLe system records the user’s performance while playing the serious games and performing physical exercises and then, stores and displays those data to authorised people, such as healthcare professionals and family members who wish to monitor the user’s status.
Henceforth, the frAAgiLe system could assist older adults in achieving better communication with their healthcare professionals and their family members regarding their frailty status and consequently, better care, especially during this time when most contacts are prohibited and possibly dangerous for them.

Why will technologies like frAAgiLe be essential in our health systems?

  1. It avoids unnecessary  journeys to healthcare organisations for the primary users and simultaneously improves healthcare professionals’ availability.
  2. A way to avoid overcrowding and collapse at health care centers, optimizing resources.
  3.  To prioritize prevention, rather than reaction.
  4.  Personalised care plans for each user, using Artificial Intelligence
  5.  Aiming a higher quality of life while remaining at home