Status of development

The frAAgiLe tablet application has been fully designed on mockup. The implementation of this design is finalised for the login, home and games sections. The application is fully open to add securely third-party applications (like games or other) without compromising the security and without asking the user’s credentials each time. To achieve this, UNIGE’s team design an intent protocol between third-party application and the frAAgiLe one. This protocol is also linked to the frAAgiLe backend for the validation. One of the third-party games to be integrated is the one made by Deusto. We demonstrated that this game could be integrated pretty easily, which is a great achievement. UNIGE’s team is also working strongly with the USA company Squegg to integrate their device, a digital hand-grip strength device, directly in the frAAgiLe application. Finally, it has to be said that an intensive process is taking place to design the test selection that will guide the diagnosis part of the application, which will be the main feature of the final product and a strong asset for the project. It has to be said that this selection is comprehensive and extensive, including all the possible perspectives to approach frailty, from traditional physical tests to nutritional and cognitive assessments.

The frAAgile back end and the platform have been designed on mockups, up to the point of clarity of requirements. In the meanwhile, both of them have been developed in a satisfactory and functional level, having created all the roles and all registrations, list of the registers per role, profile’s user, change password, sending e-mails and all the basic stage for hosting the media and the games. SingularLogic’s team is proceeding to the creation of the API’s for the integration of all the application modules, as well as to the evolving of the evaluation tests, utilizing its own know how and the partners’ cooperation and specialty. Furthermore, it ensures that all the privacy and security issues are implemented according to the GDPR.