FrAAgiLe project starts with a kick off meeting in Bilbao

This summer has been the oficial launching date of the FrAAgiLe project. All partners met in the kick-off meeting in Bilbao in order to define the strategic lines of an innovative project that will revoluzionize the elderly sector. 

¿What is FrAAgiLe consisting in? 

An AAL Project

FrAAgiLe is a project created with the funding and support of AAL Europe (Ageing Well in the Digital World) The project is currently coordinated by Ideable, with the support of 8 european partners: Ana Aslan International Foundation; Agecare (Cyprus) LTD – Materia Group; Universidad de la Iglesia de Deusto; terzStiftung; University of Geneva; SingularLogic Romania Computer Application SRL; Innovation Laboratory Ltd. & Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. For Applied Research. 

FrAAgiLe goals

FrAAgiLe Kick Off Meeting in Bilbao

FrAAgiLe aims to analyze, prevent and improve the frailty level of elderly people as a way to avoid falls and guarantee them a safe, quiet and independent life. Our goal is to contribute the elderly sector to have a better quality of life. And we will achieve our objective by using advanced technology systems and the most experienced health professionals and technicians.  

We also want to specify that avoiding falls is the final goal of the frAAgiLe project, but not waiting to the very last moment, when falls occur. We don’t want to be a falls detector system, but a frailty detector one.

Our goal is to build the most cost-effective solution for fraility level detection and improving it at home. All without direct human intervention, only using a tablet and smartwatches. 

How does the Fraagile algorithm works? 

FrAAgiLe is already creating a B2B platform to be installed and integrated by service providers (home care agencies, Health Services, telecare companies, etc.) at their users‘ homes.

After a first examination of the status of the patient, an algorithm will automatically assign, if needed, adapted training plans. Those will essentially work in 2 main phases: detection of the firsts symptoms of frailty and rehabilitation of severe cases. 

All the exercises will be offered by existing videos that will be used with two objectives: helping the users do better exercises and use a camera (in a tablet or smartphone) and the smartband to analyze how the people do the exercises and gather all the physical information.

The tablet will include an accessible and usable app that will also include suggestions for healthy living activities for the elderly person and that will also include serious games sessions for cognitive impairment detection.

All the system will analyze the information and will apply Deep Learning techniques to learn about the fraility history of the end-user and customize the training plan to his/her evolution.

¿Would you like to meet the partners? 

A large list of European companies and organizations are taking part in this disruptive project. All of them contribute with extensive trajectories in different sectors as software development, machine learning, consulting services, program testing,   


Ideable is the company that is leading the project. A basque software company specialized in web, cloud and mobile solutions for users with accessibility and usability specific needs. As a company focused on eldercare sector, already have partners and clients in Spain, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Mexico, and France and has worked for many years in analysing eldercare sector and studying market trends and disruptive innovations for this market.

Ideable is famous for creating Kwido the international cloud platform for caring elderly people using accessible and usable mobile devices. It is also member of several AAL projects, as zocaalo, PETAL, DAPAS and IOANNA.


terzStiftung is a non-profit foundation based in Berlingen, Switzerland. The foundation works in two main areas: as a representative body for mature people and as a general service provider in the market for elderly people. They offer consulting services and an information-desk, consisting of a hotline, an online-magazine and a web-portal to advise and solve the problems of the foundations’ benefactors in the subjects “prevention & health”, “living & habitation”, “finances & law” and “mobility & activity”. As the representative body for mature people, terzStiftung works as a consumer-interest-organization and as a lobbyist for the needs of the generations around and beyond the pensioning age.

TaM – University of Geneva

The TaM research group, belonging to the University of Geneva, has brought successfully innovation into our everyday life, collaborating jointly with many commercial partners. From fall detection, stress detection, smart heating, optimized logistics, this entity has a wide range of skills in machine learning, behaviour analysis, positioning, localization and mobile sensors. The team contributes to this project by using machine learning techniques, physics modeling, mathematics knowledge, academic numerical development skills and its experience of applied research projects.

Materia Group

Materia Group is a private-sector social enterprise in Cyprus. It provides a wide range of care, nursing and rehabilitation services to the elderly population of Cyprus, either at the clients’ homes or at Materia’s three facilities in Nicosia. It is considered the main private-sector provider of holistic services to the elderly on the island. Some examples of offered services are Physio Rehab center, home care, daycare, cognitive enhancement program, family counseling, caregiver training program. The MATERIA team will contribute to the gathering of user requirements and co-creation techniques, execution of pilot trials with older adults and caregivers, data acquisition and participate in dissemination activities.


Innovation Laboratory Ltd. was founded in 2015 with decades of R&D&I experience. Their basic activities consist of research, development and their marketing in various scientific and engineering fields. Colleagues of the Budapest headquarter are strong in analog and digital circuit design, automation and embedded system development. At the headquarters in Miskolc the company deals with material development, and testing, error analysis of technological processes and does all of these with its unique analytical instrumentation.

Bay Zoltan

Bay Zoltan is the largest and most successful non-profit applied research organization in Hungary. Its mission is to enhance and support the development of sustainable competitiveness for Hungarian companies through innovation and technology transfer. BZN has participated successfully in different types of international programs. Based on these activities BZN is particularly interested in contributing to the development and integration of support strategies in the field of the upcoming European challenge of Personal Health and Care solutions providing sustainable and efficient healthcare and improved quality of life. 

University of Deusto

eVIDA is a research group of the University of Deusto committed to research on and development of ICT-based tools, systems and interventions for psychological, social and physical health. Over the last decade, eVIDA has established close working relationships with key local stakeholders including hospitals, charities, other research groups and ICT companies. eVIDA conducts applied research in two main areas. In the field of ICTs for Wellbeing, eVIDA researches, designs, develops and tests tools and systems which enable disabled people and the elderly to live more independent lives. eVIDA is involved in creating apps and for person-centered care, and various tele-medicine and tele-monitoring systems.

Ana Aslan International Foundation 

Ana Aslan International Foundation is a non-profit Research, Education and High-profile medical services organization, with special expertise in Aging and Brain Aging. Its mission is to integrate scientific progress into the medical and social practice of elderly care. This is achieved through promoting the holistic, integrated and personalized approach of aging, brain aging and related pathologies. Furthermore, the ANA has expanded its expertise in the field of applied ICT technologies for frail and dependent elderly, so that it not only helps prevent the aging-related pathologies but promotes active and healthy aging.

SingularLogic Romania Computer Application SRL

Singular Romania Computer application S.R L. (Romania) ( is based in Bucharest and provides the following services: (a) Integrated IT solution for private sector, (b) Vertical IT solutions for the Retail Sector including supply chain management and Point of Sales solutions, (c) Integration and customization of business software applications (ERP, CRM, etc) and recently integration and support of voice-enabled products that use speech recognition and speech understanding technologies.