The frAAgiLe team is designing a set of games to enhance the platform and make sure the whole experience is fun and useful.

Game nr1 

The main activity is physical exercise focused on fighting frailty through the training of the superior trunk and balance. For this purpose, a series of minigames and tutorials have been designed, each of them dedicated to a different movement. By playing these mini games, the user will carry out the tasks whose sum allows to sail a boat. The user will be able to raise sails, pull ropes, moor the boat, sail in different directions and perform many other sailing-related movements through the movement of his or her body and the development of a software that uses artificial intelligence to track the movements and translate them into actions in the videogame. There will be different levels of difficulty adapted to the user’s strengths and limitations. 

Game nr2 

The second game addresses cognitive frailty and is focusing on the theme of travelling across the solar system with the sun, the moon, stars, clouds, thunders and other elements which are familiar to the users because they are present in their daily life. The objective of the game is to “survive”, as the sun is the main character, which can be killed by the thunders and protected by the clouds. The user will practice geospatial thinking, planning, sequential thinking, executive skills and visuospatial memory and each starter level is aimed at practicing specific areas of cognitive skills.

Games nr3 

In the third game the user will learn to cook dishes that are designed specifically for elderly people in a frail or pre-frail state. The game has several steps and recipes. In the first of them there is a first screen in which the ingredients have to be bought in the supermarket, which is a good task for cognitive training in familiar spaces based on daily activities, at the same time that it teaches nutritional values and responsible shopping. Environment-friendly activities will also be encouraged. Later on, the scenario is a kitchen where different tasks are carried out, including mixing ingredientes, turning on the microwave, boiling, pouring, Etc.