First development steps

frAAgiLe technical partners have already started to develop “frAAgiLe solution”, that involves different software solutions integrated and synchronized with each other:

Back end platform in the cloud, for web and also an application for mobile devices, Data collection module. The back end platform, developed by Singularlogic will connect all the frAAgiLe components. It will also contain the intelligent methods to analyse the collected data. Deep learning and classical machine learning will be applied. The Data Collection Module developed by University of Geneva is the component that retrieves heterogeneous data from a smartwatch/bracelet device and sent it to end-user’s application. Then this information, with other contextual information, will be processed in the cloud platform, in order to predict on a daily basis a frailty score. Ideable is already working in the platform interface, for the web and also for the mobile device application. The aim is to design user friendly interfaces, agile and able to offer a great experience for all those intended end users.